Outsourcing corporate law clerk services to lawyers and law firms.


Incorporation services to incorporate business corporations, professional corporations and not-for-profit corporations and business name registration services to register sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships and registered business names.



Comprehensive range of corporate law clerk services ranging from incorporation services to assistance on secured financing transactions, asset/share purchase transactions, corporate reorganizations, tax-driven transactions and much more.


Full range of due diligence searches in Ontario, across Canada and the U.S.A. including corporate, NUANS®, PPSA, s.427 Bank Act, Bankruptcy/ Insolvency, Execution (Writs of Execution), Bulk Sales (in Ontario only), litigation and other searches.



Online PPSA searches in Ontario and across Canada and electronic PPSA registrations in Ontario and across Canada as well as online UCC searches and electronic UCC registrations in the U.S.A.


Government filings in Ontario and across Canada in connection with incorporations, fundamental corporate changes, business name registrations, extra-provincial registrations, S.427 Bank Act filings, Bulk Sales Act affidavits and other filings.



Background information about private or public companies including their business operations, intellectual property owned by them, commercial credit status and available ownership structures accessible by different online databases.


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Really Useful Links to relevant business and government sites in Ontario and across Canada.


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Providing freelance corporate law clerk services to lawyers in Canada and the USA. We are a law clerk services company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada specializing in the following: Due diligence corporate searches and filings across Canada (including PPSA), NUANS® searches; prepare documents in support of incorporation, amalgamation, continuance, annual proceedings, extra-provincial registrations, voluntary dissolution, revival, business name registrations; provide assistance on corporate reorganizations, asset and share purchase transactions, tax-driven transactions and much more.
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