Corporate & Business Information

Background information about private or public companies including their business operations, intellectual property owned by them, commercial credit status and available ownership structures accessible by different online databases

Comprehensive Background Information

In addition to public information obtained from corporate searches, from time to time you may require more comprehensive background information about private or public companies, their business operations, directors and ownership structures.


  • This information may be useful for:
  • compiling a corporate or business profile of your client’s competitors
  • obtaining details about the business operations of opposing parties in litigation proceedings
  • obtaining credit and background information about potential clients
  • assessing your client’s risk in doing business with third parties

Available On-line Information

Solutions has on-line access to a number of corporate and financial databases from across Canada. From these databases, we can provide you with:

  • profiles of Canadian public, private and crown corporations obtained from company news releases, annual reports, prospectuses and financial newspapers
  • information summarizing inter-corporate ownership relationships to disclose parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliated companies
  • financial information about the assets and/or gross revenues of public or private companies
    information on the history of individual and corporate bankruptcies
  • information about new Canadian and U.S. trademark applications indicating the new products which companies are marketing or promoting
  • data on legal actions involving companies
  • information on mergers and acquisitions
  • an overview of the business operations of companies

In addition to the above, Solutions has access to a number of news sources from newspapers with national and regional coverage across Canada, national and international news wires and industry publications.