Incorporate/Register a Business

Incorporation services to incorporate business corporations, professional corporations and not-for-profit corporations and business name registration services to register sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships and registered business names.

Incorporation services

We are very experienced in providing the legal professional with comprehensive incorporation services for business corporations, professional corporations and not-for-profit corporations.

Our services include conducting preliminary name searches and obtaining NUANS name search reports, preparing Articles of Incorporation, drafting share conditions (as appropriate), preparing organizational board and shareholder resolutions and related corporate documents to issue shares, elect directors appoint officers, enact the general operating by-law and borrowing by-law, fix the financial year end, appoint the accountants; prepare specimen and issued share certificates, complete minute book registers and ledgers; and assemble the minute book for delivery to you. We can handle all your incorporation needs in the Ontario jurisdiction, the Federal (Canadian) jurisdiction,  across Canada, and/or in the United States.

Business name registration services

We can also assist you with completing and attending to the filing of all necessary forms to register sole proprietorships, general partners, limited partners and/or registered names by corporations under the Business Names Act (Ontario) and the Limited Partnerships Act (Ontario) – quickly and easily.