Federal Filings

Select Quantity Description Solutions Fee Disbursement Cost HST Total
Business Corporations
Form 1 Articles of Incorporation - fax filing
Form 1 Articles of Incorporation - e-filing
Form 3 Notice of Registered Office
Form 4 Articles of Amendment
Form 6 Notice of Directors
Form 7 Restated Articles of Incorporation
Form 9 Articles of Amalgamation
Form 11 Articles of Continuance (into Canada)
Request for Letter of Satisfaction (to permit corporation to leave Federal jurisdiction)
Form 14 Articles of Reorganization
Form 14.2 Articles of Arrangement
Form 15 Articles of Revival
Form 17 Articles of Dissolution
Form 19 Statement of Intent to Dissolve/Revocation of Intent to Dissolve
Form 22 Annual Return - paper filing
Form 22 Annual Return - e-filing
Application for Corrected Certificate Same fee as would be payable for the certificate it replaces
Not-for-Profit Corporations
Application for Letters Patent of Incorporation
Application for Supplementary Letters Patent
Application for Surrender of Charter
Form 3 Federal Annual Summary
Total =