Required Supporting Documents

Required Supporting Documents

1. Form 2 Appointment of Agent for Service: The Agent for Service must be a natural person, 18 years of age or older who resides in Ontario, Canada or a corporation having its registered office in Ontario.

2. Certificate of Status: The certificate of status for the Corporation must be issued under seal of office and signed by the proper officer of the jurisdiction to which the Corporation is subject, setting out:

(i) the Corporation’s full name;

(ii) the date of incorporation or amalgamation of the Corporation;

(iii) the jurisdiction to which the Corporation is subject; and

(iv) that the Corporation is a valid and subsisting corporation.

3. Ontario NUANS Name Search Report. “NUANS” is the acronym for Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search which is a name search report that includes a list of corporate names, business names, and trade-marks drawn from the national databank of existing and reserved names. This Name Search Report can be ordered by Solutions Corporate Law Clerk Services Inc. The disbursement charge is CDN $50.00 plus applicable taxes.

4. Form 2 Initial Return: A Form 2 Initial Return containing information regarding the Corporation’s head office address, Chief Officer/Manager in Ontario, etc. must be filed under the Corporations Information Act (Ontario) within 60 days after the date that the Corporation begins to carry on business in Ontario. There is no government filing fee.

5. Form 2 Business Name Registration: A Form 2 Business Name Registration should be completed and filed under the Business Names Act (Ontario) if the Corporation wishes to carry on business in Ontario under a business name other than its corporate name. The government filing fee is CDN $80.

A. Corporate Seal: The Application for Extra-Provincial Licence and the Appointment of Agent for Service must be signed and executed in duplicate and under corporate seal. If the Corporation does not have a corporate seal and is not required to have one in its home jurisdiction, then it should advise us accordingly.

B. Government Processing Time: The government processing time, once the Application for Extra-Provincial Licence together with all supporting documents have been filed with the Ontario Ministry of Government Services (“Ministry”), is about 8 weeks, depending on the workload of the Ministry. However, if there is a deficiency in any of the information filed with the Ministry, the documents will be rejected by the Ministry or in any supporting documents, returned to the applicant for correction and will have to be resubmitted for filing.The resubmitted documents, once corrected, will bear the new data of submission to the Ministry.